Line counter- A tool To Let You Count Lines

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Every writer once in a while needs the help of a line counter tool whether to calculate the number of lines written in his book or simply while keeping a count of the number of words, characters, and lines while writing a proposal. If you are a writer on a regular basis or are at least aware of how the field of content writing works you must have come across demanding clients, who ask you to keep a check of the number of words used in the article or simply to count lines.

What is Line Counter ?

Now you must wonder, what is the need of using a Line Counter when you can certainly Count Lines manually? Well, it is definitely easy to calculate the words as well as the number of sentences of a small paragraph or even an entire page, but isn’t it difficult to do the same with a whole book? Without stressing out much about it, you can simply copy paste the entire content in a Line Counter tool and the results will be out in no time, with extra details of the number of words and characters used in the content too.

Uses of a Line counter ?

  • Know the length of information – If you are a blogger or any writer then, a line counter count lines for you to make you analyse how many tracks of content is being uploaded by highly optimised sites which have high Google rankings. This tool helps you in calculating the exact number of lines present in any web content.
  • Checking content quality – Once you know the name of lines in web content than you can quickly understand how many lines it will take to carve out meaningful words which the users can read with great interest. This will save your efforts to unnecessarily exaggerating the length of your content and making it too bulky for the readers to go through.
  • Analysing program size – This will help any programmer to know the exact lines of code that he or she needs to genera to run any application.
  • Makes your task Easier – A line counter help in saving your time and energy of counting lines manually by automatically counting lines for you.
  • Busin ess boost – A line counter count lines which help any business person know the optimal size of any product description.
  • To scale or edit the content – In case you have written any poem or any story then this tool can surely help you in knowing the exact length of it so that you can easily edit or scale it later after knowing its length.
Why do you require a unique tool to count the lines instead of doing that manually?

A line counter help in saving your time and energy of counting lines manually by automatically counting lines for you.

  • Optimised number of lines often reflects that your content is well researched and optimised.
  • There are specific fixed standards which are acceptable concerning the length of web content such as 40 lines of the poem. A line counter makes you know whether you are meeting that criteria or going beyond the limit. Thus you can track the length of your work.

How to use a line counter tool ?

  • Just copy and paste the content over there for which you need to count lines.
  • Just click on the ok tab once you copied the text in the box.
  • Let this tool run and calculate the exact number of lines in your content.
  • The value n numbers are just displayed in front of you.

Use this tool today and notice the difference it can help you in creating your content.