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When you take a peek at t-distribution table or the t-statistic calculator, you can see that one needs to know what the “df” actually symbolizes. “df” is the “degrees of freedom” which is just one less than the sample size.

T Value Calculator

What is T-Distribution?

T-Distribution, also known as Student’s T Distribution is a family comprised of distributions that seem almost identical with regards to the curve for normal distribution. However, it is a bit smaller and wider. T-distribution comes in use when there are small samples available. With an increase in the size of the sample, t-distribution starts looking more like normal distribution. For sample size that exceeds 20, t-distribution seems exact the same as normal distribution. With the help of a t-distribution table, one can easily calculate the score for the same.

T-Distribution Calculator

T-score is the standardized statistic test that enables one to obtain individual score while transforming it to the common form for comparison of scores. The formula for t-score for the t-score calculator is: T= t = [x̄ - μ0] / [s / sqrt( n ) ]

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