Antiderivative Calculator Function: the Best way to calculate a variable?

What is an Antiderivative Calculator?

The antiderivative calculator or the Integral calculator allows you an easy way to calculate the integrals and that too for free online! This calculator allows one to check the solutions for all the calculus exercises. This tool helps any student or mathematician practice by deducting all the working steps with a step-by-step process for integration. This tool supports most of the common techniques for integration, along with special functions. Our antiderivative calculator supports indefinite and definite integrals or antiderivatives, along with integrating functions that hold multiple variables.

Antiderivative Calculator

How does the Antiderivative Calculator Work?

For the ones that hold technical background, this particular section explains the ways with which this calculator functions.
Initially, a parser program analyzes all the mathematically probable functions. Next, it transforms the same into the form, which is better understood by the computer. When doing this, the antiderivative calculator needs to respect all the operations order. One among the specialities in use of mathematical expressions includes the fact that a multiplication sign is possibly left out at times.

For example,
We tend to write '6x' as opposed to ' 6 * x'.
The antiderivative/integral calculator needs to detect all these cases while inserting the sign for multiplication. The parser program is then implemented with JavaScript, which is based on the Shunting-yard algorithm. It can directly run in your browser. This ensures a quick feedback when typing in the variable into the LaTeX code. When the calculator's 'Go' option is hit, the calculator sends in mathematical functions with integration settings. This time, your function gets turned into the form which can easily be understood with the help of a computer-based algebra system.

Calculating the antiderivative of a polynomial

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This calculator allows one to integrate any polynomial online.

For example,
In order to compute the polynomial of an antiderivative such as:
With X^3+3X+1, you need to Enter the antiderivative (x^3+3x+1).
Once the calculation process is completed, the result is:

(3.x^2)/2+ (x^4/4) +x