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We are always in search of stylish things throughout life, whether it be stylish clothes, smart mobile phones and we have not spared even the stylish texts. We use Small texts for makings stylish our Facebook posts, Instagram posts or comments look formal and an attractive way.

Small Text Converter

Ever wonder where we have seen tiny text and what they are? Nowadays, you would find Small texts in wedding invitation card or visiting cards to grab the attention of the viewer. Gone are the days when the large texts were the only one which created to a charm. Today generation is using Small Texts in different methods and for different purposes. Our tool helps convert your regular texts into Tiny text, no need for extra software or anything. What you need to do is copy and paste these text where you wish to.
If you are one of the users, who want to create your Facebook post or tweet something casually. You can add more captivate element to your text by our tool. Our tool would help you build your original versions into Small texts. It is all possible with the advanced technology of Unicode. Unicode is language in computing industry used for encoding. It is also used in worlds most writing systems. Unicode has recently used for implementing different character encodes. You would find many languages are supported on the Internet, considered it Chinese, Korean, Hindi or any other. All this is possible because of Unicode. Initially, Unicode was made to encode the languages, but now people use it for an extraordinary purpose like the styling.

Small Caps:


Either be a number, letter or a symbol, SuperScript serves a purpose for all. The distinctive feature of Superscript it is that it not only does your regular writings in a small text but also they are either below or above the usually typing lines. Never knew these writing could serve this new purpose. They add style and beauty to your scripts. In professionalism, for scientific notations, mathematical expressions, different formulas or to specify chemical compounds, superscript was created. If you would have noticed, these are always in small text comparing to regular ones.


In simple terms, subscript contains letters, figures or any type of symbols which are either printed or written below the line. Now you would be wondering with the footnote, yes it is also considered as a subscript. This option is available with the word. Also, you can focus the subscript and change it. These texts are usually small text comparing to the original text. In mathematical terms small “n” a subscript. In chemistry, they are used to state the chemical compound.
So if you are an academic writer, book writer or you want to use small texts for fun. You can use a small text converter and enjoy its benefits. However, there are only a few alphabets which are not supportable with Unicode and would remain the same.