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1's & 2's Complement Calculator


What is 2's complement?

  • Two's complement is a form of a mathematical operation or mathematical calculation to be performed on any binary number to obtain the complement of 2 in bits.
  • It is used by machines, computers, laptops and programming languages to convert the results to binary form because these machines work on the binary data only and after the whole procedure convert and display the results so that the layman can read it thoroughly.
  • Two's complement is one of the highly used values for showcasing those integers on the screens of our programmable gadgets.
  • 2^N is a value which represents 2's complement of an N bit number.

Use of finding out the Two's complement

  • Mathematics, as we know, does exist since long on our earth. People have used high order mathematics to find out great results in the past.
  • Many of the architecture and mechanical structure of the past are examples of the world-class mathematics that exist in those days as well. 2's complement is one such thing that is used since ages to find out and perform subtraction in mechanical calculators as well as the adding machines.
  • But with the advancement in time, and the internet technology surrounding all of us, all we need is to switch to some reliable and precise 2's complement calculator for finding out Two's complement now.
  • With the coming of computers and laptops, and working of these machines on binary data, the urge to find Two's complement has even increased.

What is the need of the 2's complement calculator?

Some of the reasons to make you see the Two's complement calculator as a blessing for you are as follows -

  • The two's complement calculator is sure to help you perform those mechanical conversions and calculations which are mandatory to proceed further with our work in today's highly automated world.
  • Converting a decimal number to binary form and further performing addition and subtraction on to it to turn it to the desired amount of bits is a tedious and a bit tricky task.
  • To find out 2's complement is a very tiresome and highly typical process. You miss out to track any single value while converting any decimal or binary digit to bits and all your essential machine precisions will get affected, and this may even make your whole lot go waste if you belong to any manufacturing industry.
  • To make your machines read your results well and perform the exact and specific task, better use this high class 2's complement calculator link and notice that it will never disjoint you with the accurate results it can produce and that too up to any number of binary digits which you want.

How to use two's complement calculator

  • Select the input type i.e. Decimal or binary, If you want to convert from decimal to binary choose decimal else choose binary.
  • If you haven choosen binary, make sure to provide binary input i.e. only 1's and 0's, Or else it will give error.
  • Click on calculate button.
  • In the result section there are two text boxes with label 1's complement and 2's complement, each containg the calculate value after you press calculate button.
  • Click on reset button to reset all the inputs and result section.